What is an Empath?

A psychic empath or sensitive is a person who can Feel the emotions around us. This ability can be both a gift and a curse and we learn early that there is a time and place to buffer what comes at us.

Empaths can feel the energy and emotions that surround you and can include your guides, spirits influencing you, issues in your life and your fears. Empaths are highly sensitive, and while we can't tell you how to make a fortune, we are able to advice on issues from finance to fears which can lead to improved decision making. An empath with experience can feel the energy around you and interpret it so that it makes sense to you.

This gift means that we are subject not only to our own emotions, but those we are reading or live with or work with...until an empath learns to shield her/himself.  It's not always a pleasant gift, but it is one that serves us well over the course of our lives. Often, it is this ability that tells us when a loved one could use a shoulder or a friend is scared. Its benefits far outweigh any negatives.  As with all types of psychic ability,  a sensitive's gifts are not without responsibility both to themselves and others. 

Empathic people are particularly good at feeling the "unseen" emotions around you.  In other words, the energy of spirits or guides or angels around you can often be felt by empaths.  A psychic empath can feel the emotions pushing at you from your guides and spirits, and can then help you direct your focus.

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