Types of Sensitives

All empaths/ sensitives do not share the same talents and abilities.  Not all sensitives or empaths have the same abilities or gifts.  Some have multiple talents, while others only a few or one very strong one. Some draw from the indigo scale while others use the electromagnetic fields around us all.  Some use both.

A sensitive is generally described as one who can feel the vibrations around them. The highs and lows of loved ones, friends and others, as well as the changes in mood and emotion of those around them. Sensitives range from mildly sensitive to very strong.  Once in a while a sensitive can tap into the guides around others.  

An empath is a person who "takes in" or empaths the emotions and vibrations around them.  The difference between feeling as a sensitive does, and taking in, as an empath does is the symptoms that manifest in an empath...signs of that taking in, such as headaches, anxiety, fatigue and so on. 

A psychic empath can tune into the spirits and guides around them, understanding the messages they may be trying to convey.  Mediumship of this type can be very helpful to sort out why your guides journey with you and what choices you may face, by interpreting all that they take in. 

Most of the time, these gifts overlap and to make any kind of specific distinction could end up with a gift list of monumental proportions.  Suffice it to say that a psychic empath can and does feel what goes on and can clarify messages you might otherwise miss.  The nuances of the universe are not always clear.  Empaths can help.

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