Can our past lives influence our current relationship with food?

Is our relationship to food built entirely from nurture and genetics?  Is there a spiritual or past life connection to how we view our food, how we consume it and our fears behind it?  Could we be acting out of response to something from our long-past? 

If your beliefs extend to the possibility of past lives lived, then is it so far a stretch to consider that our eating habits can be affected by these lives?  

We carry fears and strengths through our lifetimes, experiencing the events that will give us better understanding of our journey as energy and Light.  

Imagine the impact on our essence when we have lived a life of abject poverty, we experienced a long and painful death by starvation; watching family and friends die horrible lingering deaths.  It would be no surprise that would impact on our current relationship with food.  It would be no surprise if either end of the spectrum were played out… for example – a starvation eating disorder, or manifesting in obesity.  Even gluttony in a past journey would have an impact on us, possibly resulting in learned behavior (overeating, gorging) or in opposing behavior, self-starvation. 

Raw foods…foods that still contain enough energy to feed the soul (as opposed to cooked foods...dead foods). Fresh whole foods answer to the soul’s need to sustain itself on pure raw energy.  When we feed our bodies good raw fruits and vegetables, we are infusing it with live food.  These foods are less stressful on the body than most cooked and overcooked foods, and so allow our inner selves to journey more freely. 

Overcooked and processed foods send our bodies into artificial response and because of the enormous amount of work required to process these types of foods, the body doesn’t get enough down time, enough calm.  The chemicals found in so many pre-packaged foods these days, cause the body conflicting signals.  Raw whole foods give the body a full compliment of nutrition necessary to good health and appropriate weight. 

When you combine a look at your fears about food and the quantity of overcooked and additive laden foods, you can see the necessary steps ahead, to feel healthy, joyous and in control of your relationship to food.    

If you want your body to process its fuel efficiently, you must do two things.  First, release the fears you’ve carried around about food for so long, and second, begin to honor your body by feeding it raw food many times a day.  Raw fruits, raw vegetables, good energy whole foods.  With a combination of the two, you give yourself the best chance to live a healthy life.  

By allowing yourself to open to the possibility that past lives impact on us today, you open one more path to health and personal understanding.  Weight loss and diet control then become a process of joy rather than fear or unknowing

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