Spotting the Fakes
Fraudulent Psychics and Scammers

When attempting to connect with a psychic with whom you feel a comfortable relationship, you will likely run into a few who just aren't as "real" as they might first appear. Real psychic advisors are out there and you have to keep alert and trust your intuition.

Perhaps the most fake of all would be those who continue to milk you for money.  The first reading isn't enough, they say.  You need this protection spell or curse relief or other type of reading, they say.

Don't listen. If you have a reading and your psychic urges you to invest in other tools or things (s/he happens to offer) because you have a curse on you or need some other service, think carefully before reaching for your credit card. 

Some of the more questionable networks and companies out there provide ready-written scripts for  their "psychics". The per-minute fees are pushed to the max and return calls are encouraged.  When so many people are taking calls, the likelihood of developing a rapport with someone becomes slim. The likelihood of your phone bill inflating becomes greater.

If you are seeking an in-person psychic in your area, be sure to take someone with you if you're unfamiliar with the psychic.  Your safety comes first. Again use your intuition and if the person feels uncomfortable to you, leave. It's unlikely that will change.

Fake psychics make claims like being able to read minds, know exactly what your ex is thinking, can reunite lovers guaranteed, etc.  These kinds of claims not only sound absurd, they are.  

Beware of labels such as "certified" and "professional" when psychics describe themselves or you see claims like that about a psychic.  Certification?  No such thing.  If someone or some organization offers psychic certification, who authorized them?  Move cautiously.  These types of labels can be grossly misleading.  There are certifications for various courses, etc.   

And so far as the word "professional", any psychic who offers readings for compensation, is a professional. 

There are different kinds of talents out there.  Some of us have a number of them, others specialize in a few or single gifts.  They are all gifts, and if real, can have some pretty incredible outcomes. 

What it comes down to is that you may have to go through a few toads before you meet the psychic advisor with whom you feel connected.  Don't get discouraged.  There are many of us out here who have genuine gifts that could be of benefit to you.

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