Mediums and Psychics - A Very Different Breed of Gift

The words psychic and medium are not interchangeable. To be psychic and to be a medium are two entirely different things.  Yes, the vast majority of the time the lines blur, but they are not one in the same and should not be treated as such.  

A medium communicates with the dead and passes messages to loved ones for those no longer in body. A medium often develops early psychic ability and so the two gifts tend to become one; the psychic vibes and images the medium gets create stronger bridges or links with the dead. One gift enables a strengthening of the other. 

Psychics usually have some medium talents because over time the interaction with so many energies enables a psychic to read energies belonging to those who have passed and are attached to someone living. After so many years of reading for people who feel the loss of loved ones, the psychic will tune into the various energies we all carry, having "gathered" them during our daily interactions with others.  

Most of the time it seems, the gift of mediumship and the gift of a finely tuned psychic ability blend and create strong ties to both the future and those whose passing effects the future.  To be psychic and to be a medium, however, are not the same gift. 

Use caution when a medium claims to have contacted your loved one.  Ask for something specific that would be known to you and the one who passed. That should not be difficult if the reader is truly in touch with them.

 J Thompson 


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psychic and medium differences

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